Song in Springs

One of my favorite places to shoot is Barton Springs (in Austin, Texas for those of you unfamiliar). It is a magical place filled with varying light intensities, whimsical elements (you know, like trees and flowers and plants) and of course, water. 

It was an obvious choice to choose this magical place as Song's studio. 


We met, for the first time, at Austin Java before caravanning down the street. Shooting with Song was easy, fun and seamless. Her on camera experience was undoubtedly a factor but her ability to be vulnerable was even more astounding. I rarely needed to shoot an image twice. I truly believe this had nothing to do with modeling but rather a free spirited way that lent to spontaneity and not an ounce of inhibition.  


Even her wardrobe selections were chill. She was like, "Yeah, this green jacket is my dad's. I borrowed it. I think it's pretty dope." 


Creating imagery with Song was joyous. We hung out like a couple of long last friends. Who said having your portraits done had to be stuffy, awkward and lackluster? Not us! 


Barton Springs, am I right?

Are you ready to be awakened? If so, drop me a line! Let's be best friends and hang out and take pictures. :)