Pizza Beats Modeling

Sam and I met in a courtyard on a warm, pleasant evening while sipping on delightful, herbal tea. (I feel like this could be an excerpt from Watership Down, I promise it's not.) She was gorgeous in the most unassuming way. I'm amazed by people who can be so beautiful and yet, not quite know it. It wasn't as if she was insecure or even shy. She may actually have one of the highest self esteems I've ever photographed. But it was intrinsic, effortless. It wasn't as if she was trying to exude confidence. She just did. 

We talked about her past and where she'd come from. We had the commonality of travel - not the kind you seek but rather the kind that is naturally laced throughout your childhood and therefore seeps into your adult life. She had lived in London and Egypt. She spoke French and Arabic. She understood worldly issues and wasn't afraid to scratch below the surface even though we had only just met. She loved documentaries and dreamt of libraries. I thought, This is a client?! She so easily could have been a long lost friend. And who knows, maybe she was. 

Sam needed head shots but not the stiff, tacky, outdated kind. She wanted to represent class, sophistication and authenticity. Well, THAT should be easy. She told me that she used to model as a teenager..."but after my agent told me to lose two inches I sent a picture of myself eating a box of pizza and was like 'Bye'!" This girl was legit. Naturally, we went to happy hour post shoot and ate two bowls of pasta. I can thank this business for that.