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One of the first questions clients have for me is: ‘Where will we shoot?’ This is an understandable question as I don’t (usually) operate in a studio…and, as you may have noticed from my gallery, I enjoy photographing in many places all over the great city of Austin. Though I consider myself adaptable, I do have one non-negotiable - I will only photograph in natural light. Indirect sunlight, when is comes to photography, is my very best friend and might I add, it makes you look like…YOU - glowing, beautiful, authentic you.

Below you will find some of my favorite locations to shoot in Austin. I won’t choose for you but I will provide guidance so that you can pick the best one for your vision. Each space has something unique to offer and the most important element here is that you’re represented just how you want to be.

Laguna Gloria is a beautiful fourteen-acre art-in-nature site on Lake Austin. It’s building looks like an Italian Driscoll Villa. Inside you’ll find checkered floors and a beautiful, rich, velvet blue sofa. A fountain, charming garden, benches, vibrant palms, majestic oak trees and a lush scenery surround the villa providing a peaceful, gorgeous backdrop. I’m sure you’re not surprised that this spot sits at the top of my list.

  • Address - 3809 W. 35th St. 78703

  • Cost - $100/hour (sometimes I have free sessions, just ask!)

Jennifer’s Garden is a hidden gem. I met Jennifer, her husband and their 4 (wait…5?) dogs last year. They are all absolutely charming and provide a beautiful, intimate, historic venue. It’s essentially a 1 acre garden. It’s eclectic, funky, vibrant and your dream backyard (mine too).

  • Address - 1101 W. 31st St. 78705

  • Cost - just ask :)

Zilker Botanical Gardens (I just realized I have a thing for gardens…) sits across the street from Barton Springs (another favorite). It’s so beautiful and dreamy and GREEN. Not to mention, we refer to it as ‘the jewel in the heart of Austin’. Heart. Throb. Zilker has theme gardens such as rose, herb and Japanese Gardens. You’ll find streams, waterfalls and Koi-filled ponds. The prehistoric garden is one of my favorites; it’s DECKED out with plants you’ve probably never seen before. Actually, I heard they modeled it after the dinosaur habitat. I didn’t even know that was thing!

  • Address - 2220 Barton Springs Rd. 78746

  • Cost - $50


Barton Springs Pool is a very special place. Often, when people hear me suggest it as a photoshoot location they look at me funny. But this spot at 7:30am on any day (unless it’s sleeting) is pure magic. It’s quiet, glow-y and still, providing ample space to chat, frolic and play. Whether it’s the stone wall, the giant trees, the bathhouse (YEP), crisp, clean, clear water that stays 68 degrees year round or the plants blowing in the breeze…you’re sure to feel like you’re in a fairyland. I’ve taken some of my best pictures here (in my whole damn life) and I attribute that to the natural springs. I think there’s something in that water. Words don’t do it justice so I’m going to stop here.

  • Address - 2131 William Barton Dr. 78746

  • Cost - $3/person for Austin residents


Downtown (Austin Public Library, City Hall, 2nd St.) for my urban girls. This is where we get lots of open, industrial space - great for fashion, fitness, lifestyle, clean head shots. I especially love the area surrounding Trader Joes/True Food Kitchen and the Seaholm Power Plant. It’s fun to shoot under bridges too and alleyways always provide a neat backdrop. Not to mention, if we’ve got 4 hours together, I’m all about a lunch intermission. Hello Flower Child!

  • Address - 710 W. Cesar Chavez St.

  • Cost - Free! (besides parking)

Lyndon B. Johnson Library has the biggest, prettiest, textured off white wall in central Austin. It’s a blank canvas just waiting for paint.

  • Address - 2313 Red River St. 78712

  • Cost - Free! (besides parking)


I heard that the students at the UT Architecture School will yell down to people: “THIS IS OUR SCHOOL!” because it’s a pretty popular spot for photoshoots. I’ve never experienced it myself but I’m also crafty about scheduling. ;) In the sought after courtyard, the palm trees are almost as tall as the building and the architecture reminds me of Madrid. There are walls to climb on, pretty arenas to stand in, colors such as rust red and turquoise blue…ivy crawling up vast buildings. And, as long as it’s not ‘senior portrait season’ you’re likely to get the space to yourself.

  • Address - Meet at Caffé Medici: 2222 Guadalupe St. 78705

  • Cost - Free! (besides parking)


South Congress is ideal for the explorer at heart. Every time I shoot there I find something new (and I live in the hood… so that’s saying something). We’re talking hotel exteriors like South Congress Hotel, San Jose and Austin Motel (interiors too if you’re willing to go that route), graffiti, the famous Jo’s Coffee, Thom’s, and loads of quaint, little streets to walk down. It’s a great blend of city and nature.

  • Address - Meet at Jo’s Coffee: 1300 S. Congress Ave. 78704

  • Cost - Free! :)

Little Stacy Park (Travis Heights Neighborhood) is, well, just that…a park. The greenbelt runs right through it and its filled to the brim with oak trees. I’m pretty sure every single one is protected by the city. They’re that special. The light hits the park perfectly at sun set and I just love all of the yellow, orange and green hues. It’s right down the street from South Congress too so variety is always an option.

  • Address - 1500 Alameda Dr. 78704

  • Cost - Free! :)


One Eleven East in Hutto (northeast of Austin) has gorgeous architectural elements and a timeless setting providing the perfect canvas to make your photo session truly your own. (Ok…ok…I stole some of that from off of their website. It was just too good!) You’ll see that it’s great as a wedding venue but truly, it’s a multipurpose space for just about any venture. If you’ve got a big vision that might involve creating a set or individual props, this would be a great choice. It’s also just a great, clean aesthetic…and for those of you who might want to get a little more risqué, it’s completely private.

  • Address - 111 East St. Hutto, TX. 78634

  • Cost - Quoted upon request


I’ll be adding a couple of more independently owned ( meaning, my friends’ owned :) ) studios soon. Stay tuned for details!! <3

Have another spot you love in mind? You are not tethered to my suggestions! Beauties come up with other ideas all of the time and I am easy, breezy.

Google - Downtown Austin

Google - Downtown Austin

Her home

Her home

A friend’s home - East Austin

A friend’s home - East Austin