A Different Kind of Senior Portrait Session

We've all been there. Sitting on a stool in front of a drab back drop, staring into some big, aggressive, blinding light, listening to a complete stranger say, "Ok, now...tilt your head left...no - right...chin down...hands in your lap...good...ok, that's fine." CLICK. That's fine?! Oh, I hope this doesn't look stiff. Do I have something in my teeth? I forgot my lipstick. Am I pretty? This is awful. Never again.

The AGONY! Why oh why. Here at Woke Beauty we fiercely believe in a different type of senior portrait session. The type that is liberating, beautifying, authentic and fun. We want you to feel beautiful because you are...duh! 


See what I mean?! ^  Vero arrived at my home in the morning; we had planned on shooting some inside, some around the neighborhood - but first, coffee. Talking was fun and easy. Vero has an unmistakable charm, a laugh that echoes and a unique elegance. We sat outside on my deck and chatted about the happenings in her life. We talked about her summer, her future plans, college, food (obviously). We digressed. Vero's primary goal in our session was: "to feel beautiful and confident." I knew it would be easy to translate her aura to an image. 

We frolicked through Travis Heights, walking down alleyways, admiring the breeze, the flowers, the trees. Vero's hair danced with the light. She told me she didn't know what to do with her face. But she was doing it! I encouraged her, "Spin around! Smile big! Now kind of smile!" I love it when my subjects move; it loosens them up and eventually aids them in finding a space that feels right. Vero found hers with ease. 

Vero has so many sides to her personality - sweet, silly, sultry. Somehow we managed to share them all. The glasses were helpful... (hint, hint, props encouraged)

We had so. much. fun. We told silly jokes, danced around and shared stories. Whenever I saw Vero looking a bit unsure I brought her back. I have no problem looking like the kookiest girl you've ever seen...anything to get you into your comfort zone. Because I know the result will be everything you were looking for. Maybe more. Especially if you're Vero.

How's THAT for a senior portrait session? ;)