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An Intimate Discussion with Celebrated Austin Women

  • Space 24 Twenty 2420 Guadalupe Street Austin, TX, 78705 United States (map)

For this event, Riley brought together women who are in the business of cultivating 'beauty'. Throughout the conversation, panelists went into detail about topics such as: fostering self appreciation, holistic remedies, racial equity and personal growth.

It was a one of a kind evening packed with inspiration and authenticity. Every member of the panel had something unique to offer:

Thank you to sponsors: Juiceland, Tito’s Vodka, Topo Chico, Cava and Urban Outfitters

I am a planner, like a crippling planner. But the thing is, you can’t plan spontaneity. It doesn’t work like that. And so, in the last few years I’ve realized that I have to be super intentional about creating rest for myself. And that takes form in multiple ways. Learning that ‘no’ is not a reflection of you or a reflection of an individual, cause or organization. It took a long time for me to accept that me saying ‘no’ may mean that I don’t think I’m equipped right now to contribute to the level that you deserve and that I deserve. Maybe saying ‘no’ means ‘not right now’ or ‘I know someone who’s a better fit’. When I say ‘no’ to you I’m going to follow up with three names who can serve in this capacity or when I say ‘no’ to you it’s because I know my limitations. And that has been such a liberating act; to learn how to say ‘no’. I’m gonna learn it in five different languages. Mix it up, you know? Like ‘no’, ‘no’, ‘no’.
— Virginia Cumberbatch
I think it all came to a point after I gave birth to my son, Odie. I gained a lot of confidence in becoming a mother; yet, postpartum is real…so there was a lot of emotion around confronting deep parts of myself regarding my own childhood. And so, with that collision between postpartum and becoming a mother I realized how much we need self care and how it’s lacking in this world. My motto is, ‘Self care will save the world.’ That was the inspiration behind bringing together elements that would support something so close to my heart; by making things with herbs from the earth that helped ground me when I was having a hard time…and then offering them back to the world. Part of my process involves being intentional when I’m making my products - I make sure that I’m in a good head space, that I’m feeling good, because I know that my touch transcends onwards. That’s my contribution right now. And I’ve loved watching it grow.
— Cassie Courtney