Hi beauty!

I’m Riley and in case you missed it, you can ‘meet me’ here.

I’m the photographer, business owner, social media manager, book keeper, errand runner, moral supporter behind this brand/business (BRIZNESS) residing in the magnificent city that is Austin, TX. Also, I prefer real life interaction so if you want to truly meet me, email me and let’s make that happen.

This is a celebration of women's inherent beauty. This is a celebration of you.

My mission is to provide you with an uplifting photographic experience that leaves you thinking,

‘Wow. I am incredible.’

(Yes. You are.)

I believe photography is more than just an image; it’s a vessel to something so much deeper than aesthetic. In fact, it’s my tool to human connection. I don’t just want to take pictures of you, silly! I want to hear your stories, your visions, your dreams. Because…well…in order to capture all of your beauty, I must know you.

When I say ‘beauty’, I don’t mean good looks. To hell with that! Woke Beauty is about awakening the beauty within. I’m not talking lipstick and photoshop. I’m talking authenticity, self awareness, grace. The good stuff. Every single one of you has ownership over a delicate, powerful, one of a kind beauty. I believe it’s my calling to show you what that looks like. I want you to appreciate your own inherent beauty. I want you to treasure it so much that it shines through your skin, lights up your eyes, tugs at the corners of your lips. I want YOU to love YOU.

Woke Beauty is a self care tool. It is a gift from you to yourself so that you may honor where you are at this time of your life. It is a way of symbolizing and cultivating a rite of passage. Maybe you just got promoted and are like, ‘HECK YES. I DID THAT.’ Maybe you just had a baby and need a little ‘me’ time. Maybe you picked up yoga and love the way you feel. Maybe you just went through a difficult breakup and need a confidence boost. Maybe you’re graduating college and have no idea what’s next. Or, maybe, you can’t pin point any single thing. You just know you want to give yourself something special.

This is the best partYOU CAN TRUST ME. You can trust me to aid you in wardrobe, offer stunning locations and build you a mood board. You can trust me to deliver high quality, lustrous imagery (thank you, UVa, for that fine art degree. WAHOOWA!). You can trust me to observe your lovely expressions, your preferred hair part and the little things that make you you. You can trust me to cheer you on, praise you and pull you into the Woke Beauty family.

You can trust me to capture your inherent beauty through imagery.

A few things I can promise you…

  1. You won’t sit in an uncomfortable pose for 5 minutes. Likely, we’ll talk about that one time a mouse chewed a hole through the floor of my car…and then snap, snap, picture.

  2. This is not a ‘hand shake’ experience. I mean, if you’re into handshakes that’s cool but no need for formalities. The moment you meet me, you’re my friend.

  3. I can be awkward. Also corny. Sometimes I forget what I’m going to say and sometimes I use the wrong word. I can be really funny but sometimes I’m not…and then that’s what’s funny. I get really into it so you might see me squat, lie on the ground or hang from a branch. #ART

  4. I will embrace all of you. I appreciate all walks of life. I pass no judgment. Come one. Come all.

  5. Our conversations are for our ears only. I am big on privacy and I respect yours immensely. My meetings with beauties tend to get deep and I’m here for that. Spill the beans and feel safe. For good measure, I’ll say it again: you can trust me.

In case it’s not obvious, I really, really, really love what I do. And what I do isn’t for me. It’s for you. It’s for all women everywhere who are in search of a gentle push towards knowing themselves, loving themselves and being themselves.