Woke Beauty Art Director Position ;)

Mission, Background and Who Woke Beauty Is.

The mission of Woke Beauty is to provide an uplifting photographic experience that liberates and empowers all women. The brand brings together a powerful, likeminded community in the form of gatherings and events, providing a space for inspiration, encouragement and inclusivity.

Photography is the central service to Woke Beauty; however customer service is my number one priority. Everything I do must provide an excellent experience to the client. Woke Beauty experiences should feel personal, intimate and compassionate. Women should leave feeling inspired and encouraged. I disguise myself as a photographer and friend but if you look closely, I am also a guide, leader and therapist.

I designed Woke Beauty as a separate entity to myself and my brand (Riley Blanks) however I know that I am the focal element to the business. In many ways, we are one and the same. The women who inquire are first drawn to my ‘meet Riley’ page on my website and many of them find me through my own personal Instagram (which is my main form of marketing). Each brand energizes the other and this is done intentionally and thoughtfully. I am building an enterprise that represents who I am authentically and that attracts the kinds of people I actually enjoy being around.

Engagement and involvement have been core elements to Woke Beauty's growth. A stage has been incredibly beneficial to my presence in the Austin landscape and will be a big part of my future.

Some Current Goals.

  • Bigger online presence

    • Need more consistency. More of my energy is going towards a healthy online presence, via social media, email interaction, the Woke Beauty website and eventually a podcast. However, my activity has been super inconsistent and intermittent. Thankfully this hasn’t hurt my engagement but I’m aware that it can stunt growth and look ‘bad’ to an audience and any newcomers.

    • I’d like to develop a Facebook group to connect Woke Beauties and keep the biz/brand front of mind

    • Create and maintain email list serve

    • Produce short videos for IGTV (i.e. answering frequently asked questions like 'how do i pose?’

    • Write weekly blogs on wellness, featuring clients, rolling out membership content

  • Geographic growth

    • The goal is to become a big fish in Austin and Santa Barbara/LA before expanding geographically. Though there has been interest elsewhere, I am determined to keep the business as local as possible to those two specific locations in these beginning stages. The panels and events are tools to create buzz and aid the brand in growing across other platforms locally. I am also in the midst of producing a podcast showcasing punchy tidbits on personal growth, life lessons, meaningful stories and interviews with other Austin based female entrepreneurs making waves in our community.

  • Produce podcast

    • Have enough content by January 1, 2020 to produce an ongoing show

  • Other services

    • Considering rolling out ‘beauties and their beaus’ ‘beauties and their beasts’ ‘beauties and their babies’ (couples, animals, babies) …but also a bit unsure as I want to make sure I stay ‘niche’.

General Role Description.

The art director believes fully and whole heartedly in what Woke Beauty stands for and the direction the business is going. They have an appreciation for the aesthetic, mission and general structure. They understand the importance and delicacy behind the vision. They are able to keep all entities discussed - whether financial, visual, personal, business, client based - completely confidential and private. The art director understands that their role is to carry out and unify ideation based goals and projects. They have the ability to put thought cycles and innovations into action. They are independent, hard working, creative, engaging, sensitive and collaborative.

What is Requested, Generally.

Biggest needs are project based; these are examples, no amount of requested work will exceed the level of the position:

  • Instagram content calendar consistency and implementation

  • Podcast editing and input

  • Project manager software research and development on team side

  • Project manager software research and development on client side for a more seamless client experience

  • Client PDF creation

  • Assistant producing and editing of IGTV videos

  • Location scouting

  • Session, event and gathering assistance

  • Bookkeeping

  • General chores/errands (grunt work)

Rate + Time.

This position is fresh and new and has potential to grow in multiple regards. The harder you work, the more the business thrives. The more Woke Beauty attracts, the more Woke Beauty makes. The more Woke Beauty makes, the more we make. ;)

The role is part time and pays $15/hour for 15 hours/week + 1 hour/week life/career mentoring and work shopping.

Any additional hours will be paid appropriately.

A time tracking app + Venmo will be used for payment which will be received on a weekly basis every Monday. The art director will be issued a 1099 for tax purposes.

Every month, we will evaluate pay and hours. At the rate Woke Beauty is growing, there is a lot of room for upward mobility.

Benefits + Perks.

  • Self defined role and flexibility

  • Content for own portfolio and online presence

  • Creative consulting and career/life mentoring from Riley

  • Access to a diverse, thriving network

  • Access to the Blanks/Reed home ayyyeeee

  • Ability to work remotely